Port-Au-Prince is the capital of Haiti. A densely populated economic hub, Port-Au-Prince is bustling with life everyday. In 2010 a catastrophic earthquake destroyed most of the city, and the country has been struggling to rebuild for years.

For 4 years Until the Whole World Knows worked solely in Haiti. We have many churches partnered with different missions and churches in and around Port-Au-Prince; Our House of Hope serves as a launch pad for these churches to house teams that go out into areas surrounding the capital and reach people with the Gospel.

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Because of our long history in Haiti, we host teams all year long. If you would like to bring a team to Haiti, simply let us know. We would love to help you start a long lasting partnership in Haiti!


Until the Whole World Knows has a unique opportunity to partner with Christian Light Foundation Costa Rica. Mark and Meg Kuzdas have been working in Costa Rica for over 10 years and have had a tremendous impact with the less fortunate and needy. UTWWK is partnering with them in their efforts and taking teams that will help them reach entire communities with the Gospel. Through this partnership we will reach the communities of Los Guido, La Carpio, and Tejarcillos. We are excited to partner with this great couple and ministry and cannot wait to see how God moves in Costa Rica!

Upcoming Trips

If your team is ready to partner in Costa Rica? Let us know.

Trip Dates: TBD
Trip Cost: $1800.00*
Departure City: TBD
Trip Type: Family**

*This covers airfare, lodging, food, in country costs, in country transportation, and international trip insurance. This does NOT cover free day activities, exit fees, or personal expenses, passport expenses, or vaccinations.This rate is subject to change based on Airfare.

** This trip is open to families with children.


Zambia is a beautiful country located in south-central Africa and is about twice the size of Texas. It is an arid country and its landscape ranges from flat plains to rugged mountains. Victoria Falls, one of the seven wonders of the world, is located on the border of Zambia. Although the country is know to be evangelized, there are still many areas that are bound in darkness and have never heard the name of Jesus.

Come Go With Us is a missions organization started and operated by Ken and Karen Buckner. They work in Zambia and focus on evangelism and discipleship through bush ministry. Spending many days in the wilderness, the Buckner’s have been able to invest in the communities and tribes that most people will never know about. Through church planting, pastoral training, and children’s work, the Buckner’s are seeing the Gospel take root and change the lives of the people who once walked in darkness.

We are excited about the opportunity to help churches partner with this ministry and make a lasting impact in Zambia through the Gospel.

Upcoming Trips

Trip Dates: August 28 – September 8, 2017
Trip Cost: $2500*
Departure City: TBD

If you are interested in planning a mission trip to Zambia to work with the Buckners, please apply here.

*Cost includes airfare, in country ministry expenses and lodging. Subject to change due to airfare increases.


The IMB appointed the Nortons in July, 2009 and arrived in Madagascar in October of that year. They have finished language study and now live among the Tanala, a tribe of about 900,000 among the 22 million Malagasy people. Their lives are centered on sharing the gospel of Jesus, praying that the few might be many, in order to glorify Him among the nations. We want to partner with them as they reach this tribe with the Gospel.

This vision trip will help us get a grasp on how we can create a sustainable partnership that would encourage and help the Nortons as they blaze trails for the Gospel in Madagascar. You can read more about the Nortons here.

Upcoming Trips

If you would like to take a team to Madagascar, please let us know. Due to the travel time and physicality of this trip, we recommend everyone going be in good physical shape.