Our Mission

We want to make missions attainable and sustainable for the church.

What We Do

Until The Whole World Knows is a non-profit organization that is focused on partnering churches, missionaries, and indigenous believers to make a lasting global impact with the good news of Jesus.

We work with churches and long-term missions ministries overseas to help foster intentional partnerships that benefit both the church and mission, and help create a better opportunity for a meaningful and lasting impact with the Gospel.

Our Vision

Imagine working in the same place, with same community, the same Pastor, church, mission year after year! Think about the growth you would see and have an integral part in. The kids you would watch grow and people you would become friends with.

Your pictures would have names and stories behind the faces, and your relationships would be personal and real. You would “breath the dust” with your brothers and sisters in Christ.

To us, that is mission work at its finest, and it is our vision to help churches do this  around the world!



Debbie and I are honored to be missionaries to a lost and dying world. After serving on some short term mission trips, we answered God’s call to full time mission work in 1997 and spent the next 9 years living among a very primitive tribe of Indigenous Yanomamo Indians in the rainforest of South America. We then worked with Christian Light Foundation, as their Field Director where we were involved with missionaries from around the world.

We now work under the faith based mission organization “Until The Whole World Knows” that is overseen by a wonderful board of directors who have a sincere passion for souls. Our experiences during those years on the Mission Field have given us a greater insight on how we can assist missionaries. We understand the intense spiritual battles that a missionary faces each and every day, and we know how easy it is to get caught up in the work of the Lord and forget about the Lord of the work.

By working with missionaries hand in hand we are able to help them in all aspects of their ministry. By partnering with area churches and individuals, we are able to secure funding and prayer support for these International Ministries. We assist missionaries with building and ministry projects, consult with them on how to effectively expand their ministries and how to structure strong spiritual experiences for visiting mission teams. Our ultimate goal is to make missions attainable and sustainable through lasting partnerships.